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This is Germany

Medieval fairs on castle grounds.

Wine festivals within fortified village walls.

Cherry beer.

Roasted nuts.

Burning fires.

Joyful singing.

This is Germany.

This was my Saturday.

The prospect of pumpkin pancakes got me out of bed yesterday morning.


The bright blue skies and warm summer weather put a smile on my face.

Add a medieval fair and wine festival into the mix and I was one happy girl!

Yesterday, my friends, Melanie and Lizzie, and I took off to explore. Lizzie has a car so we piled in, turned up the music and sang to songs of the 90’s while cruising between quaint villages and ancient vineyards.

First stop: Burg Satzvey

P9119321 I visited this castle once before for a Christmas Market.

P9119351 Today, the attraction was quite different!

P9119323 P9119331 For the last week, Burg Satzvey has hosted a Renaissance Festival.

P9119357 This year marked the 30th anniversary of the Renaissance Festival at Burg Satzvey.

P9119328 I imagined lots of vendors and handicrafts, but the festival is actually for people who like to imagine that they are living during the Middle Ages.

P9119329 For a week, these lords and ladies camp out with their families and others who share their coat of arms.

P9119330 They really live the whole fantasy.
P9119332 P9119333

P9119342 Unfortunately, we missed the jousting tournament.

By the pictures from the castle’s website, I’d say we really missed out.

P9119341 At least I had my friends to entertain me!

P9119355 When you have a sword in a stone, who needs knights in shining armor battling it out on horseback?

P9119352 I sipped a cherry-flavored beer while wandering around the castle grounds.

P9119335 P9119346P9119350 Although we all agreed that the festival was more for those who relived the Middle Ages, we had a great time.

We just had to leave before we stole this baby.

P9119336 How cute is she?

Next stop: Ahrweiler Wine Festival

P9119365 We drove through beautiful, winding roads lined by steep hills dressed in rows of grapes. Before long, we reached the fortified city gate of Ahrweiler.

P9119361We celebrated the beautiful summer day by sharing a bottle of white wine from one of the local vineyards.

P9119360  The wine was wonderful, but too sweet to have more than one glass.

Speaking of glasses, I love the reflection of the old city center in the wine.

P9119362 We munched on spicy roasted nuts while swaying to German songs and sipping our wine.

P9119364 The village was packed. It was wonderful to walk around the cheerful surroundings and check out all the wine stands from the region.

I only had one more glass of wine, but it was too dark by that point to get a picture. It was red, dry and slightly smoky. Absolutely wonderful. If they are at any of the other wine festivals to come, I’ll certainly buy a couple of bottles.

P9119367 We ate, danced and laughed some more before driving back to Bonn.

P9119366 It really was a wonderful day!

This is Germany and I am so blessed to be living here right now!


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