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I have always had trouble with time.

  • Keeping on time
  • Being on time
  • Predicting the amount of time an activity will take
  • Today- I add a new time trouble- Telling time
  • One would not expect a teacher to have trouble telling time, but two instances today made me very aware that I can not accurately tell time.

    Experience #1. The new German math teacher asked me what time her lesson with my students was to end.

    “11:45. Oh wait, (frantically looking at my time-table) oh, no, it’s actually 10:45. Just go by the bell, that’s what I do.”

    Probably not the best, most professional, “I have it all together,” first impression.

    Experience #2. During our Spring is almost here let’s go outside for PE nature walk, I rushed my students back to school (as in we ran for one block) when I noticed that the day would end in 5 minutes. Only to get to school and hear no bell. Weird. I looked again more carefully. Minute hand= 15. That’s correct. Hour hand=2. Oops, I expected to see 3. Apparently I had overestimated the amount of time 2 science experiments took and was off by ONE HOUR all afternoon.

    This morning my oats took longer to cook than I had expected. They also didn’t taste as good as I had hoped.

    Lemon Poppy Seed Oats

    Don’t try this at home… it isn’t worth it!

    1/4 cup each of oats, water, milk

    1 tsp. wheat germ

    dash salt

    1/2 Tbsp poppy seeds

    1/2 mashed banana

    Juice of 1/2 lemon

    1 spoon peanut butter

    ground flax

    At least my coffee never fails me!

    Luckily, I made it in time to both put together and enjoy this beautiful tuna salad salad for lunch.

    Lettuce, shredded carrot, cucumber, tuna salad made with tuna, light mayo, italian seasonings, and pepper, along with a slice of “Farmer’s Bread” – literal translation.

    One thing I am good at is finding time for chocolate!

    Funny Fact: A few years ago a survey showed that German children believe cows are purple. This product is to blame.

    Class fruit snack happened on time– well not really.

    I was able to hitch a ride with a colleague to the local hardware store- to save a bit of time this afternoon.

    I spent €50 on duct tape for a class project. Yes,€50. Note to self, never plan a project using affordable and easy to find American products. They are neither affordable nor easy to find in Germany.

    I munched on a roasted red pepper baguette from the bakery to fuel me before hitting up the gym.

    Unfortunately, while in the rush of packing my gym bag, I forgot my sports bra. Not good. I took it easy- bike and treadmill for 45 minutes then called it a night.

    Dinner was a time-saving fruit salad.

    Lettuce, two furry kiwis, 4 strawberries, 1/2 avocado, roasted pecans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, melted goat’s cheese, and balsamic glaze.


    I’m now in the process of making sunflower seed butter and doing dishes. Both are taking longer than I had expected. After that I look forward to spending some quality time with my fellow bloggers!


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