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Missed Summer Meals

It’s been a while, friends.

Do you want to hear something unbelievable?

Today is the first day of Autumn!

I’ve felt it coming for a couple weeks now, but was still hesitant to believe that Summer was really over.

There’s no more fooling myself, one season has quickly gone and another is ready to begin!

Between a fast summer, a busy start to the new year, and finally having English TV, I’ve not blogged much for the past 3 months.

As a way to say “farewell” to summer, I’m here today to share my favorite meals that never made it to the blog; not for lack of flavor, but rather lack of time.

So here’s the plan, I’ll post photos and appropriate recipe links. If there’s anything you want to see in more detail, just let me know and I’ll put together a special post for the requested items.

Let’s start way back in June!


Vegan Kidney Bean Veggie Burgers


Homemade Hamburger Buns


Leek and Shitake Mushroom Risotto


Vegan Peanut Butter Oatmeal Pancakes


Potato Stuffed Paranthas


Indian Spiced Potatoes and Cabbage


Creamy Parmesan Polenta with Roasted Vegetables


Chocolate Lava Cake


Lemon Tomato Pasta on Arugula


Country Style Sourdough Bread

July Missed Meals


Parmesan Arugula Pizza on Sourdough Pizza CrustP7098760

Tomato Cream Pasta

August Already?!


Sourdough Apple Bread with Cinnamon and Raisons


BBQ Tofu Salad


Greek Salad


Mixed Salad with Mmmm Sauce


Orzo with Green Beans and Chickpeas


Creamy Polenta with Roasted Vegetables and Tomato Dressing


Tofu Tacos with Refried Beans

September Treats


Tiramisu Layer Cake


Chocolate Mocha Cake


Monster Cookie Dough Balls


Ginger Carrot Soup


Spicy Plum Chutney


Vegetable Biryani


General Tso’s Tofu


Baked Pecan French Toast


Zucchini and Walnut Pilaf

Each and every one of these recipes deserve their own post, but sadly, time has not been on my side throughout the season that was.

I wish each and every one of you a safe and happy transition into my favorite season!

Bring on the soups, stews, apples and pumpkins!


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Welcome back to another recount from my wonderful vacation in Budapest.

This time, I want to talk about one of my favorite things, FOOD!


 P8110241 P8110242

As a vegetarian, it was difficult to find traditional, yet meatless, Hungarian meals in Budapest.

Although meat is a must for Hungarian cuisine, Sebastian and I were able to find several delicious vegetarian restaurants in Budapest.

We ate at Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant and Salad Bar twice during our week-long vacation.


With an alle carte buffet, the dishes change daily. You can either order a set meal or just pick and choose from what’s on offer. The first time we ate at Govinda, Sebastian and I shared the Indian buffet for two. IMAG0184

We received two curries, one with mixed vegetables and one with potatoes and eggplant, saffron rice, dal, a samosa, two tempura eggplant slices, 1 roti, 1 parantha, two chutneys and two mango lassies.


Wow, were we stuffed!

This meal was so good that we came back once more before leaving Hungary. Although I didn’t get a photo of the meal, everything the second time around was different but equally as delicious!

Another favorite restaurant was Hummus Bar.

As the name suggests, this place does hummus and does it well.


Sebastian and I both opted for a hummus plate. He had a beer with his meal and I went for a mint lemonade which was really refreshing on such a hot day.


I couldn’t decide which toppings to get with my hummus plate so went for the option that offered everything. My favorite toppings were the falafel and spiced kidney beans.

The plates were served with hot pita bread. Needless to say, we left this meal feeling very full and happy.

My friend, Josh, would love Budapest because every restaurant seemed to have a comprehensive menu of Belgian beers. If you’re not up for the high alcohol content, don’t worry, you can always get a coke, juice or water.

IMAG0212 IMAG0196

Fruit stalls are spotted all over the city, especially near main train stations and metro stops.


One of the more decadent (read expensive) treats I had while in Budapest was a fancy gelato.


Fancy because it was formed into the shape of a rose.


It looked and tasted great.

The main food attraction in Budapest has to be the Great Market Hall.P8170611

With produce, meat, fish, grains and spices, this building has been a a one-stop shop for fresh food since the early 1900s.


  On the second floor of the market hall, across from the textiles, you can find the food stalls.


It was here that I had my one and only “traditional Hungarian” meal, a langos.


Basically a deep-fried dough topped with sour cream and cheese, this may be traditional, but I found it disgusting.

Sorry, Hungary, but I simply couldn’t eat this.


Oh well, being in new places is all about trying new things. I’m glad I tried a langos, but am happy to never eat one again.

Luckily, there was lots of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables to drool over.


P8170625 P8170626


Wandering through the isles of produce was a great way to get to know the food culture of Hungary.

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Our trip to Budapest was simply stunning. I mentioned it briefly before, but Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen.

We stayed for 7 days and left feeling like there was still so much more to do and see.

Since these Budapest posts are going to be pretty photo heavy, I’ll try not to be too long-winded; I’ll just let the city speak for itself.

Parliament Building

An iconic building for Budapest that is most impressive when viewed from the Buda side of the city.





City Park

A great place to relax in the shade and enjoy a picnic. There are flea markets and regularly scheduled activities throughout the year, so check to calendar of events.



Hero’s Square

This monument is located at the far end of the city park.


Castle Hill

The views of Pest from atop Castle Hill are remarkable. Beautiful by day and magical by night.


Be sure to take in the view over a drink from one of the cafes along the Fisherman’s Bastion.

IMAG0203 P8120315

I had so much fun walking around the Castle Hill with one of my students and his family. The little boy from my class was so excited to share what he knew about his hometown and his parents made excellent tour guides.






On our last night in Budapest, Sebastian and I went back to the top of Castle Hill to watch the sun set and the Indian Moon rise over Pest. Wine and cake certainly made the evening even more sweet.



The Citadel

Another fantastic view can be taken in from the Citadel, also on the Buda side of Budapest.


On our last day in the city, Sebastian and I hiked up to the citadel. We were hot and sweaty by the time we reached the top, but the view was well worth the extra exertion.

P8180758 P8180767




The pretty and ornate building at the end of the bridge is the market hall.


Margaret Island

The island between Buda and Pest provides the perfect location for all sorts of activities. From swimming pools to football fields, fountains to flower gardens, there is a lot to do on this tiny little island.



Market Hall

I’ll write a bit more about the market hall in my Budapest food post, but the beautiful architecture of this building is the perfect setting for the beautiful produce and textiles within.




Budapest Activities

The sights were great, but the activities we took part in are the most memorable.

House of Terror

Although not a happy place, this museum was absolutely eye-opening to the painful Hungarian history. The museum is now housed in a building that was used as a prison, interrogation center and execution facility by both the fascist and communist regimes. P8170721


The promise of the building is that it is now used to honor the men, women and children who were murdered by the two terrorizing regimes.



Walking Tours

Budapest is the perfect city for a walking tour. There are many organizations that offer tours, but Sebastian organized his own Jewish walking tour using a guide he found online. We were channeling my good friend Kim by taking a lot of fun photos at each stop along the tour.

P8170672 P8170705 P8170716 P8170717


Thermal Caves

One of the activities that was sadly left uncrossed from my wish list was a visit to the famous thermal spas in Budapest. Although we didn’t make it to the spas, we did see some of the wonderful caves below the city that were formed from the thermal springs. These photos were taken in the very dark caves with my phone, so please excuse the poor quality. If you ever visit Budapest, I would highly recommend visiting one of the 3 caves which are open to the public.

IMAG0257 IMAG0260 IMAG0223 IMAG0227 IMAG0229 IMAG0246 IMAG0252 IMAG0264

Night Cruise on the Danube

Budapest is stunning, especially by night when the sights are reflected in the water of the Danube. There are some very luxurious (and pricy) night cruises available, but we went on the free ride that came with our bus ticket. Not the most comfortable boat, but it was all about the city anyways.



Castle Hill from the Danube.






The Parliament building.




I still have so much more to share, but will leave you right here. It is really lovely to relive this fantastic vacation two weeks after returning to Bonn. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!

Until next time!

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I’m so sorry for my recent absence.

My first full week of school went really well, but I have been so exhausted at the end of the day. This is the first day in over a week that I’ve even turned on my home computer!

I’ll hopefully be back in the swing of things soon. Finding my routine and getting my sleep patterns back in order is top priority for mission “Resume Unending Energy” to be successful.

Until I have a bit more steam to really share what I’ve been up to lately, I leave you with this.


This is a public service announcement: Make these Cinnamon Bun Pancakes and top them with Maple-Butter Icing.


Do yourself a favor and double the recipe to freeze the extra pancakes for easy toaster pancakes.


You will thank me later.

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