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My classroom has the best view in the school. We have a balcony (ok, it’s really an emergency exit) off of our room that overlooks the playground. Right now, the tree outside our door is in full bloom.

P4075107 It was a little windy today. As the wind blew through, the blossoms of the tree drifted away like springtime snow.

Luckily, it’s getting warmer here. Today was another no-jacket day. Yippy!

After school today, I went to the gym then came home to a delicious dinner, ready and waiting for me.

P4075117 This afternoon, Sebastian threw the ingredients for this recipe into the food processor then into our new slow cooker. The only changes he made was to use tofu rather than chicken and not add the cornstarch mixture at the end since the curry was already thick and creamy.

P4075112 I’m thinking about making this for our staff pot-luck next week. It was so tasty and from what I’ve been told, very easy as well. Served with naan and jasmine rice, this is the perfect mid-week meal.

Thanks, Sebastian!


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